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NOCO XL Eyelet Terminal Connector

NOCO XL Eyelet Terminal Connector /

Part No. NC-GC008

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Product Information
Technical Specification


X-Connect XL Eyelet Terminal allows a battery charger to connect quickly to any battery. Replace a lost connector or permanently mount one on your car, boat, truck, or any other vehicle for easy charging.

Technical Specification 

  • Input X-Connect Female
  • Output M10 (3/8-Inch) Eyelet Terminals
  • Fuse 20 Amp Micro Blade ATC
  • Wire Size 16AWG
  • Overall Length 22.5 Inches
  • Cable Length 21 Inches
  • Compatible With GENIUS1, GENIUS2, GENIUS2X2, GENIUS2X4. GENIUS5, GENIUS10, G4 (All Versions), G750 (All Versions), G1100 (All Versions), G3500 (All Versions), G7200 (All Versions)
  • Not compatible with NOCO Boost UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starters.


Technical Specification