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NORBAR 1-2" Torque Wrench (60-340nm) /

Part No. NBR-130116

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Product Information
Technical Specification

Convenient hanger feature for tool storage, wrench unlocking and adjustment

Micrometer scale for simple and error free setting

Push/pull lock prevents accidental adjustment of the set torque

Light and fast adjustment saves operator time and effort

Push through ratchets with a narrow engagement angle of 6 ° ideal for working in confined space

Meets the requirements of ISO 6789-1:2017

Supplied with a traceable calibration certificate

Technical Specification Drive: 1/2", Range: 60-340Nm, Accuracy: ±3%, Ratchet teeth: 60, Ratchet diameter: 52mm, Length: 679mm
Weight 1.55kg
Technical Specification